One of the greatest ways to add texture and contrast to your landscape is the use of natural stone.

This gift of Mother Nature provides an infinite range of unique beauty. Whether you’re laying a patio, creating a pathway, adding some accents or building a wall, natural stone is the perfect material for that beautiful, earthy look. Our team at Yardco Rocks knows a thing or two about landscaping, and over the course of 25 years, we’ve become the leading source for unique natural stone supply in Florida.

How to Use Natural Stone

There are myriad ways to use natural stone in your landscaping. Natural stone feels different from man-made materials like concrete blocks. Imported nation and worldwide, each stone is as gorgeous as it is unique. Natural stone can be used in their natural state, but they can also be milled or cut to fit your specific project dimensions.

Here are a few ways folks use our natural stones:

1. Pathways

Use flagstones, bluestone or even cobblestones to create beautiful natural pathways throughout your garden. Our stone can be cut to fit a precise pattern or you can create a more whimsical, relaxed feel with a more random placement of raw natural stones.

2. Borders and Edging

Cobblestones are very popular for aesthetic borders. You can use them to edge in your flower beds, create retaining walls or even as lining for a pond or stream.

3. Planting Beds

Many folks like to use natural stone rather than mulch as a planting bed fill. Stone is a great option for flower beds because it’s a one-time fix. You won’t have to re-apply stone every year the way that you do with mulch.

Check us Out!

Once you see our inventory, we bet you’ll come up with all sorts of ways to use our gorgeous natural stone in your landscaping. Our natural stone supply in Boynton Beach, Florida is a great source for all of your landscaping stone needs, so drop by any time and check us out. If you have questions about our inventory, give us a call at 561-433-4148.