Bring a little ocean-side beauty into your home by incorporating our natural shell aggregate products in your landscaping. We sell shell aggregate, offering a huge range of shells and shell products that are perfect for any Florida home or landscape. We’ve got everything from tiny coquina shells and tabby shells to whole scallop shells.

Why Use Natural Shell Aggregate in Landscaping

You’ve probably gone shell picking a time or two on our gorgeous Florida beaches, and if you’re like most folks, you probably think of shells as purely decorative items. What many don’t realize is that natural sea shells are some of the toughest stuff found in nature! You’ll be hard pressed to find a better organic material for your landscaping projects.

Buy crushed landscape shell at Yardco Rock & Stone in Boynton Beach, Florida because they are an ideal landscaping product, and they can really spruce up a whole outdoor space. They can be used in place of traditional mulch or stone for a naturally beautiful, long-term groundcover.

Why Shells Instead of Stone or Mulch?

Mulch is at a clear disadvantage in any situation. It’s such a lightweight material that it shifts easily. It also decomposes at a fairly rapid pace, which means you have to continually replenish the supply.

Shell is really the perfect organic landscaping material because it’s lightweight and easy to handle, yet it does a phenomenal job of keeping weeds at bay and soil in its place.

Check out Our Selection!

Drop by and take a look at our natural shell aggregate that we stock in Boynton Beach Florida. Remember, we ship shell anywhere! We think you’ll love the way shell contributes to a beautiful landscape, and we’ve got all that you need to make your visions come to life. Call today at 561-433-4148, or pay us a visit at