“No weak rocks need apply.” It's a policy you'd best keep in mind if you're looking to build a yard features such as a fireplace or a patio. Whatever stone you use has a big commitment – it's got to be durable, strong, and long-lasting for years to come. Would you invest in a rock that can't cut it? Of course not. Fortunately, Yardco Rock & Stone has a rock that can. Limestone rock is a powerful, sturdy stone that is a fantastic building material for any project, and it hangs on, and hangs tough. Get access to limestone of any size and shape from our limestone rocks supply in Palm Beach County, FL. We deliver to West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Wellington, Riviera, Belle Glade...you name it! We deliver everywhere!

6 Yard Features Limestone is Ideal For

Available in various shades of brown and white, features built with limestone look rugged and experienced, like they stepped straight out of the past. But just because limestone looks natural doesn't mean it still can't hold up. Here are some of the best uses for limestone we've seen yet:

Walls – Limestone is excellent for walls of any height. Even smaller borders that surround gardens help protect from entry when made from limestone.

Patios – A patio made using limestone weathers the elements and stays firm for many years of lounging and get-togethers.

Stairs – No matter how often you need them, limestone stairs won't wear down. Different cuts of limestone rock can be used for stairwells of any size and length to fit your yard perfectly.

Fireplaces – A limestone fireplace retains heat and helps radiate it outward long after the timbers have cooled, and it provides an instantly recognizable and inviting focal point for your yard.

Fire pits and rings – For an easy place to gather with friends and toast some marshmallows, look no further than a cozy limestone fire pit.

Tables – No need to hide lawn furniture from the elements when limestone's got it covered - tables and other furniture made from limestone hold up in all kinds of weather.

The One Place for the Best Limestone

Fire those weak rocks right away and come on down to Yardco Rock & Stone today. We've got a variety of limestone available at our limestone rocks supply in Palm Beach County, FL. Plus, we'll help you plan our your project and even help you set everything up. Email us or call us at 561-433-4148 to find out more.