Bringing a few choice boulders into your landscape design can create some beautiful accents and focal points. Boulders tend to tie your landscape to the surrounding environment, making it look more natural and established. Whether you’re planning a water feature, a functional retaining wall, or some simple landscape accents, our landscape boulder supply in Lake Worth, Florida has all the shapes, sizes and colors you need to make your vision a reality.

Arranging Boulders Artistically

It’s a good idea to work with a landscaping contractor, but if you decide to take the job on yourself, there are a few key factors to consider before bringing huge, heavy boulders in from our landscape boulder supply in Lake Worth, Florida. Planning out your boulder placement carefully will help your final result to look more natural and artistic.

1. Composition

You’ll rarely find a single boulder sitting alone in nature. Boulders will usually be grouped in varying shapes and sizes of the same type of stone. Plan your arrangement to look like a natural rock outcropping by pairing a larger boulder with smaller “helping stones”.

2. Settle In

Natural boulders never sit on top of the soil. You’ll always find a boulder partially planted in the ground. Take your time to find the most attractive side of the boulder, and position it for high visibility. Then plant the less attractive side in the ground to anchor the boulder physically and aesthetically.

3. Nesting

Install plants around the edges of your boulder so that it appears further anchored in its environment. Perennials or specimen shrubs are great options for this purpose as they’ll settle in and help your boulder to look like it grew there.

Talk to Our Pros!

Not sure how to best use boulders in your design? Don’t worry! We’ve got both the materials and the know-how at our landscape boulder supply in Lake Worth, Florida. Stop by Yardco Rocks and talk to our pros about how to incorporate our gorgeous natural boulders into your landscaping plans. Of course, you can always get some quick phone advice or info on our inventory at 561-433-4148.