Are you looking for something a little different in your landscaping? Maybe you’d like to make a bit of a statement? Stop by Yardco Rock & Stone and check out our Decorative Recycled Glass Mulch in Boynton Beach, Florida. Your flower beds and accents will be stunningly eye catching with this colorful, vibrant addition!

What is Decorative Recycled Glass Mulch?

Think of the millions of things that we use glass for today! Now think of all the waste that goes into recycling bins! Now add to that the amount of glass waste that comes from factories that are making these products all over the globe! Now you understand just where this landscape recycled glass comes from!

Why Use Glass Rock in Landscaping?

Glass Rock really brings a festive, bright look wherever it’s applied. We’ve seen folks use it in place of gravel in walkways, and as a stunning mulch in beds of succulents. We’ve seen Glass Rock used in water features, and the blues and greens add a whole new element. We’ve also seen gorgeous murals created out of the various colors we produce.

Really, the possibilities are nearly endless! All you have to do is stop by our yard and check out all the sizes and colors we have on hand, and we’re sure you’ll come up with loads of your own ideas for ways to use this wonderful landscaping material.

Check out Our Inventory!

We’ve got a stunning array of options on our website at, and at our location in Boynton Beach, Florida, ranging from tiny bits to gorgeous Glass Rock boulders. Remember we distribute our materials all over the world and would love to give you an estimate for your next project!  Drop by and see for yourself, or give us a call at 561-433-4148 to find out more.