It's not wrong to crave a little color, even in colorful locations. That may seem like an odd statement, but for some of us, the appeal of lush greens and rugged browns of nature gets a bit too familiar. For our yards, we might want something more. We might want to take a dip in all potential colors of the rainbow for a change, and create a landscape that stands out from the rest. Fortunately, when you use material from Yardco Rock & Stone's supply of decorative pebbles in West Palm Beach, FL, that can be arranged.

Decorative Pebbles – Like Nature's Colorful Paintbrush

Decorative pebbles have one awesome thing going for it: variety. There's tons of it, all natural and imported from places like Israel, Africa, Egypt, you name it. Brilliant golds, strong reds, dusky blacks and snowy whites - just about any color you want. We have matte and polished pebbles for indoors and out. Need the smallest pebbles possible? No problem - our decorative pebbles go from less than 1/8 inch to over 12 inches in width. They're great for any kind of project, and with this kind of scope in variety, it's simple to realize any kind of mood you're going for.

Where can decorative pebbles go? Almost anywhere that demands a spot of color. People will be hard-pressed to call your property boring with good use of these pebbles. Simple walkways and driveways pop with red pebbles - a perfect match to a Florida summer. Blue or green pebbles bordering a pond or placed along the bottom of a fountain makes these features look like they've been there for years. Brown or gray pebbles in place of wood mulch can mimic natural earth (and prevent weeds coming up, to boot). Want to create a lively walkway? Large flat stones with gaps filled by bright decorative pebbles is an easy pathway to make that looks jazzy and vibrant.

The Natural Stone at the End of the Rainbow

There's a lot of options for decorative pebbles in West Palm Beach, FL for any yard, and if you're looking for the stone at the end of the rainbow, Yardco Rock & Stone can meet your needs! No wonder high-profile clients have been coming back to us for over 25 years. We serve all retail customers needs too - email us or call 561-433-4148.