You can't take the beach home with you, outside of owning a beachfront home.  At least, maybe not the crashing surf or the warm sand.  But with beach pebbles you can at least add to practically any landscaping project with beautiful stones smoothed by the ocean waves.  Beach pebble is a fantastic filler stone with lots of natural colors and a low upkeep.  Let Yardco Rock & Stone show you how to make the most of this offering from the sea.

How Beach Pebble Compliments Any Other Stone

Beach pebble is a catch-all addition to any project.  The stones are small and fairly uniform, so they're best used as ground covering.  As an alternative to wood mulch, they do a great job keeping moisture within the soil, which is especially important in water-scarce areas.  Use them for flower beds and planters.  And as always, they're a handy stone for bordering off sections and circling trees.

The kind of smooth ground covering that beach pebble offers doesn't just extend to plants.  They make great walkways on their own, or can fill space in existing walkways by wedging them between gaps of flat stone.  This results in a much more balanced pathway.  Beach pebble is also useful for creating driveways, complimenting decks and patios, and adding to ponds and fountains.  Plus, like other natural stones, it's low-maintenance.  All it needs every so often is a rinse, and nature takes care of the rest.  It's the ideal filler stone.

Why YardCo is the Premier Beach Pebble Choice

Yardkco Rock & Stone has a huge variety of beach pebble sizes and colors for your unique property. We have supplied our beach pebbles for amazing projects all over the world!  Call us at 561-433-4148 or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..